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Security Hook Tags - Anti theft devices for your existing shelf hooks

A security solution as well as a visual merchandising enhancement – Secure the merchandise on your retail shelf hooks! Todays retail environment demands quality display solutions that also secure merchandise. Displaying products on retail shelf hooks is a popular merchandising technique. Securing your exiting hooks with anti theft security tags provide the additional benefit of keeping your displays looking smart and beautiful. Anti theft retail store security display hook tags...

History of Shopping Malls

Elevators, bright lights, air-conditioning; todays shopping malls are wonderful places. They have something for everyone. Café culture is alive and well. Comfortable lounges and water features contribute to the relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Malls are a place where you can find almost anything, but how did they all start? The modern enclosed shopping mall concept is said to have been created by Victor Gruen. He designed the first indoor, climate-controlled...

USB-C - Adapter for new technology

N5130030-CA - USB-C Adapter USB-C ports are starting to appear on mobile phones. For a long time, Micro USB has been popular for charging ports on mobile phones. Phones such as the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL and the LG G5 have USB-C ports. To be able to retain using your current Micro USB charge end, simply use our N5130030-CA USB-C adapter.

Se-Kure Controls 50th Anniversary

RTC’s Jim Cavanagh presents Roger Leydon, President of Se-Kure Controls, with a congratulatory gift for achieving 50 years of success. New trends and developments are discussed at a meeting of some of Se-Kure Controls global distributors. Se-Kure Control’s Roger Leydon presents RTC’s Jim Cavanagh with an award for being a distributor for the most amount of time.   Se-Kure Controls, our manufacturer, has been manufacturing and distributing industry leading anti...

Vampire Grip – Extremely high security

Shoplifting of smartphones and tablets is a major concern. To combat this, we are proud to offer the Vampire Grip for high risk theft areas and also ideal for kiosks. Vampire Grip is a superior mechanical security device for displaying live mobile phones and tablets. Utilising forged steel construction in the design helps to prevent cut and run theft. This product has been engineered for zero theft and is adjustable...

Anti-Theft Security for the Samsung Edge

Technology moves fast and so do our anti theft solutions to protect new technology from shoplifting. The Samsung Edge displays the latest innovation in smartphone technology with curved glass down both sides of the device. A whole range of new features and applications are available for sales staff to demonstrate to customers and provide a unique customer experience allowing them to interact and explore the potential of this new technology....
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